February 23


Day 54 (except not): Phoenix isn’t so horrible

That great moment when you realized you manage to lapse on your blog for a whole week, ha ha. Any way, I figured I have to come up with something great for the return, so here’s what happens after pulling an all nighter and deciding to go shoot the sunrise from the top of the Arizona Center parking garage. More photos below 🙂



February 12


Day 43: Don’t yell at the hand that’s going to seat you

I just finished a double at work and the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Today was the first day I had a grown man tell me to go fix his check and then threw his current check at me. Excuse you.

February 11


Day 42: The grown up edition of “The Big Comfy Couch”

Troubles with concentration warrant a bomb lunch a Desoto Central Market complete with a large ice mocha from Tea & Toast. I absolutely love this place. Why don’t I come here more often?